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NOLAvate Black is committed to addressing equity and access in tech.

vision & Mission

Black Tech South

NOLAvate Black believes it takes everyone to invest and advocate for an inclusive, asset and talent-filled space where everyone benefits and innovation can thrive.

NOLAvate Black is committed to shifting power toward racial equity and inclusion by mapping a sustainable and accessible technology ecosystem in the Greater New Orleans Region.

NOLAvate Black promotes equity and access by leading advocacy efforts toward an inclusive and accessible tech pipeline for entrepreneurs and tech professionals of color. Our programming has reached and engaged over 3,000 professionals worldwide.

The Future is Now

NOLAvate Black began with the launch of Black Tech NOLA – New Orleans’ first Inclusive Innovation Conference was first held in 2018 during Essence Festival Week to address the systemic racism and social injustices that prevent Black people and under-resourced communities from gaining access to the high-demand and high-wage jobs available in the technology sector. Influencers that have graced its stage include Valerie Jarrett, Arif Gursel, Brandan “Bmike” Odums, Hannah Beachler, Sevetri Wilson, and Lupe Fiasco.

Black Tech NOLA has grown to be a global tech exchange, bringing resources, funding, expertise, and innovation to our local growing technology and creative economy. 

At the beginning of 2020, NOLAvate Black began partnering with Greater New Orleans, Inc. (GNO, Inc.) began working collaboratively on specific initiatives and projects that will promote an inclusive and accessible ecosystem for early career tech professionals of color. 

Today, NOLAvate Black has a strong focus of connecting creatives and creators to resources for upskilling and retooling for the future of tech. 

We have a unique opportunity at this exact moment in time to create a space where we can design a sustainable technology ecosystem that lays the foundation to build generational wealth in the Black community.
Sabrina Short
Founder & CEO
Founding advisory board


Sabrina Short

Founder & CEO

Shercole King

Information Systems Administrator

Bernard Robertson

CEO & Wealth Advisor

Yolanda Williams

AI & Robotics Engineer

Tony Zanders

CEO & Founder @Skilltype