GNO, Inc and NOLAvate Black Join Forces to Level Up NOLA

NOLAvate Black launched Level Up NOLA as a pilot to match job seekers with companies that value an inclusive and diverse workplace. It was such a success we wanted to keep the good work going! In January, NOLAvate Black and Greater New Orleans Inc entered into a partnership to build a sustainable and accessible tech talent pipeline in the New Orleans region. 

“We don’t just want to send resumes. We want professionals to get hired, remain employed, and advance their careers at technology companies”, Sabrina Short, NOLAvate Black. “I want to be clear.  Our work isn’t about just diversity. We are breaking down racist barriers and systems that keep Black people from careers that build generational wealth. We want to change lives and communities.”

GNO, Inc. works together with the business community; local, state, and federal governments; and other regional stakeholders to coordinate, consolidate, and catalyze action on key issues and opportunities that maximize job and wealth creation and retention, which are relevant to the region as a whole, to create systematic impact. Together the organizations will:

  • Collaborate to connect local and global technology companies to diverse talent
  • Educate, equip and refer job seekers and top talent to job opportunities at technology firms
  • Engage companies around diversity recruitment strategies that foster a culture of inclusive innovation
  • Build a sustainable talent pipeline in partnership with workforce development organizations and academic institutions

January 2021 marked NOLAvate Black’s 3rd year of mapping accessible pathways into the technology sector. We look forward to partnering with organizations that are committed to supporting our efforts to make tech more Black!

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