Take the NOLA CODES BLACK Challenge during Black History Month.  The NOLA Codes Black Challenge is all about introducing Black people to coding. The projects will be easy and will only take a few minutes a day. Take a screenshot to share your progress on social using hashtag #nolacodesblack for a chance to win awesome NOLAvate Black swag. Let’s get coding. Together!


Get Started:

Step 1: Sign up to for free! FreeCodeCamp is where you will complete simple coding activities to build your first website.

Step 2: Select the Basic HTML /HTML5 option with 28 activities. Each lesson takes about 15 minutes each day.

Step 3: Post your work on social media @nolavateblack. Connect with other coders, get support with your projects, or get the deets on upcoming events and meetups in New Orleans.

We will select our winners at the end of the month.

You got this! Remember coding isn’t hard, it’s just new. Have fun! 

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