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July 1-3, Ace Hotel New Orleans

Connect with Black tech leaders to take your tech to the next level.

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>Randall Boseman

About The Speaker

Randall Boseman

Randall is a native of New Orleans, LA. He has been with Microsoft since  1994 and boasts a number of positions, groups and technologies. Randall is currently a Partner Engineering Manager responsible for several security features in the Windows™ operating system that powers ~1 billion pcs and the Microsoft Cloud. Randall is a  father of three (one son and two daughters) and spends a large portion of time involved in their sports and education.  Randall is passionate about whole mind and body education and access to technology for all.

Twitter: @bosemanator
Join us at the 2nd Annual Black Tech NOLA Conference, July 1-3 2019 at the Ace Hotel.